Sophna and Sophinia

Sophna and Sophinia
Our Girls

Monday, March 21, 2011

Meet Our Girls

I am sure you have seen our video, but the moment they put Sophna and Sophinia in our arms, it was the same feeling as when they put our birth children in our arms – except I was in less pain J.  They immediately snuggled up to us but I am sure they were thinking “OK, who are these strange white people that are saying they are ‘Mommy and Daddy’”.
By the end of our time together, they were definitely bonded to us.  We got to take them back to the hotel and they spent three days and nights with us, played by the pool, ate with us, etc.  We dressed them, fed them, changed their diapers, etc. (children that only eat rice and beans have interesting diapers – enough said).  They only understand Creole, so we did a lot of pointing and a lot of saying “Mommy, Sophna, Daddy, Sophinia”.  

The girls see their picture on Dad's IPad.

These girls can eat!

Jim would give one of them an object and say “take this to Mommy” and they would march over and hand it to me and then look so proud of themselves.  We did learn the Creole word for “Leave” was “Allee” so when we said this, they would head to the door and put their arms up to us to be picked up. It was so adorable!  
 Just like other people we know with twins, these girls definitely have their own personality. Sophna is the alpha-twin and pretty much gets her way.  But when Sophinia finally has enough and takes a stand, she will pinch or smack Sophna’s arm to which Sophna laughs and gives her back the toy that she stole.  

The other very distinct difference between them is their size. Sophna is a good inch taller and she seriously has the most amazing belly (I am actually praying that this is not a medical issue).  Jim said at one point “that belly has its own zip code” so the other parents were congratulating us on our new daughters and our new zip code.  Sophinia is tiny and petite so most of the week I carried Sophinia and Jim carried Sophna because she was seriously a chunk to carry around.   We asked their birth Mom who was born first and she said “Sophna” to which we laughed and could just imagine Sophna pushing little Sophinia out of the way to get out first.

Sophinia had an instant bond and attachment to Jim so we decided on this trip to name her Jamie (James, get it) and we will change Sophna to Sophie - two Sophies would be a little confusing.   

It was incredible how God matched the kids with the adoptive parents on this trip.  We had only seen a picture so the personality match was a total God thing.  The single Mom who was adopting her first child at the age of 43 is adopting a one year old boy who was so calm and snuggly and would lie on her chest and stroke her long blonde hair.  The couple that had been married for 13 years with no children are adopting a 2 year old girl that snuggled with her Daddy and a 10 month old boy that would stare in his Mommy’s eyes like a newborn.  The sweet and sensitive Mommy is the Mommy of a beautiful 6 year old who is emotional and sensitive – and they both struggled with their good-bye.  The high energy couple with 2 kids in High School are adopting the very rambunctios 3 year old boy that kept them all running and chasing. It was just so amazing to see how God made sure personalities matched families. 

Of course, we got the girls that when you sat them down, they pretty much just stayed where you put them – this is because God knew we were too old to chase anyone.  And our girls loved to eat like their Daddy and power nap like their Mommy so they are definitely ours!

We can’t wait for you to meet them in person.  I decided I am going back at the beginning of June (this decision was made the day we were flying home and I couldn’t stop crying) and I think I am taking my 17 year old son with me to help carry the zip code and so that he can witness Haiti firsthand.  God’s timing is perfect for bringing our girls home but it is going to be a long year!


  1. So is amazing to think of how a journey can change so many lives and touch the hearts of many more. Thanks for sharing..I cannot wait for more.

  2. Donna...

    I am so, so, so happy for you AND these two BEAUTIFUL babies ~ definitely looks like a match made in Heaven!! Congrats!! I'm sure it will seem like an eternity before you get to see them and to bring them home ~ but look at it this way - it took nine months to get your birth children...just think of your "wait-time" as your "adoption pregnancy". Also, thanks for sharing all of this! I think it's soooo wonderful!!! In Christian Love, Kris & Dan Ricketts

  3. Donna, I love your blog! Thanks for creating it! This will help us feel like were getting to know the girls too! I just love them so much already as I love the rest of your children! How cool that God matched the personalities! I feel that way about our adoption of Adam as well as his birthfamily too. God is in the business of creating families if we are willing to follow His lead! Thanks again for sharing! I look forward to the next entry! Love ya~ XO~ Dawn

  4. You just don't know how much I look forward to these blogs! I agree with Dawn, it helps us to get to know the girls as well. You two are so inspiring! Love you!


  5. Thanks Donna! I can't wait until you guys come back in June. I'm so happy to hear of your bond with the girls and that you met the birth mom. I was wondering how you were going to resolve the name thing. Jamie and Sophie, very cute!

  6. hey donna, i just stumbled upon your blog tonight! we were talking at maison the other day about how awesome it is that the kiddos are so well matched with their adoptive families. you described this perfectly!
    see you on Sunday!